Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas Story

Had fun playing around with words and putting the Christmas story in rhyme!  Hope you enjoy!

Mary surprised
Joseph denies
Angel explains
Joseph reclaims

Couple wed
No marriage bed
Elizabeth learns
Baby turns

Now must travel
Plans unravel
No room within
Stable birth then

Angels proclaimed
Shepherds came
Name is given
Hope is livin'

A star in the east
Much awaited peace
Magi give
Prophesies live

Herod schemes
Joseph dreams
Magi tricked
Herod ticked

Escape a must
Egypt or bust
Babies die
Mothers cry

Simeon and Anna see
Fulfilled legacy
Family returns
The whole world learns

Jesus invites
Come into the light
We celebrate
Heaven's open gate

Marla Dec 2011

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