Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hope has risen!

I was reminded at the Good Friday service that by sometimes we just don't get it.
Take the disciples for example, Jesus told them multiple times that He was going to be crucified, that He was not here the long haul, that He was not here to be the type of king they were expecting. Yet as the events of that dark day unfolded, they were shocked, saddened, and full of despair.
When the earth trembled and the curtain was torn, they were filled with terror because of their lack of understanding.
Makes me wonder how often that is true of me. Actually, it makes me think of our current battle for my niece and nephew. It is dark from where I am standing, the earth is trembling under my feet, I just don't get it! But that doesn't mean that God isn't working.
In fact, just a few days later the disciples visited with the Resurrected Jesus. A hopeless situation was suddenly filled with new hope.
So what situation are you having that is filled with despair? Don't give up, remember we serve a God that brings life where there was death, who brings hope where there was despair. Halleluiah!

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